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                 Welcome to the Corning Waxes Company,

Here is a quick list of our products. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us
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Round Seat for   
Dental Visualizer
3 Well Wax Pot

This is an economical,
electric wax heater with
three separate
compartments. This is
excellent for multiple
wax build-ups. The
temperatures are
controlled (between
50F and 350F) and
the machine is
designed for easy
access to waxes.
Machine is available in
Digital 4-Well Wax  

This wax pot is used to melt all
kinds of dental wax. It can melt
wax easily and keep it in liquid
status, and easy to see the
temperature-adjustment, easy to
compare with current
Machine is available in
Heater Instrument

This product uses
high-frequency & alternating
magnetic f
ield, heating the
magnetic field. The
equipment in use of
high-precise control of the
microprocessor, equipped
with a sophisticated
automatic protection. Heating
with no flame, safe, reliable,
efficient and energy saving.
When the wax knife leaves
the heater, the electronic
circuit shuts down
automatically, leaving only
part of the microprocessor
circuit to work.
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